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OUTPERFORM THE ADVERSARY: Tactical Decision-making and Rapid Response

Arming Your Cybersecurity Strategy and Program for 2020

We are entering a new decade for cybersecurity, but many organizations are still dealing with old problems – attacks from all angles, reactive instead of proactive security postures, and under-utilized point solutions that require too much manual effort from overburdened cybersecurity teams.

Join us for a series of three webinars where we provide you with strategies for outperforming, outmaneuvering and outfighting attackers so you can gain the decisive advantage in the cyber battle.

Webinar Abstract

When it comes to protecting against and responding to digital threats, every second counts. For most organizations’ adversaries seem to have the upper hand because too many cybersecurity teams can’t easily or quickly sort through information and make informed, threat-based decisions (if they can make decisions at all).

Security teams need to OUTPERFORM the adversary. To do that, security teams need:

  • Total visibility across the cyber battlefield, allowing teams to see and correlate how threats move from endpoints to the network
  • An optimized and integrated security stack that operates holistically and maps to threat frameworks
  • Automation and Integration – For improved information ingestion, applied intelligence, correlation and response

In this webcast, learn how to leverage security frameworks to determine your capability gaps, streamline your security stack, and integrate, automate and correlate data and workflows in a unified manner across your network, cloud and endpoint environment.

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