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Outmaneuver Attackers with Deception: See Fidelis in Action

Deception Technology

Outmaneuver Attackers with Deception: See Fidelis in Action

With technology advances and dissipating corporate boundaries, attackers have a rapidly expanding surface area to exploit. Deception technology gives defenders the capability to warp the perception of the attack surface, so the attacker potentially sees a target friendly environment. To put this in plain terms, it allows security teams to make 100 endpoints look like 10,000 endpoints, changing the economics for the attacker and increasing their risk. By managing the attacker’s experience, security teams can slow down attackers, reduce dwell time, and gain time to root them out before real harm is done.

Join our Sr. Cybersecurity Strategist, for a demo of Fidelis Deception and find out how to:

  • Detect lateral movement and Insider Threats
  • Automate deployment and freshness of the deception layer
  • Use deception to support different use cases including detection, containment, and research

This session will include a dedicated time for open Q&A and a complimentary eBook “10 Deployment Considerations for your Deception Strategy.”

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