Extending Your Network Security to AWS

On-Demand Webinar


As more organizations implement cloud strategies and technologies, the volume of data being transmitted to and from the cloud increases – data that must be protected. Security monitoring for threats, compromise or data theft within cloud-based applications has been difficult to achieve without the use of VM-based monitoring agents, but this is changing. Fidelis Network® Sensors coupled with Netgate TNSR™ can provide an easy-to-deploy cloud mirror port for traffic visibility, threat detection, and data loss and theft detection.

If you currently have AWS-based applications or are considering hosting applications in AWS, watch this recorded webinar to find out how Fidelis and Netgate can support the security of your cloud-based data via a high-speed cloud mirror port.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • The cloud environment and the state of cloud security today
  • The technology and the integration capabilities of Netgate TNSR and Fidelis Network
  • The benefits of deploying Fidelis Network sensors in the cloud – no reconfiguring of applications required
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