Mastering Workload Compliance for Hybrid Cloud

Not every workload is born in the cloud – but chances are, at least part of every workload will end up there. When it comes to deployment strategies, the cloud offers endless flexibility. However, regulatory compliance and standards are much more rigid. Without proper planning and configuration, your hybrid workloads could wreak havoc on your next audit and increase your workload attack surface.

Whether you’re on a path to lift-and-shift, connecting on-prem workloads to cloud-based services, or moving toward a hybrid continuous deployment strategy, this webinar is for you. Shanan Winters, Senior Cloud Security Evangelist for Fidelis Cybersecurity will discuss:

  • What workload compliance really means
  • Actionable steps to keep workloads compliant and properly configured no matter where they’re running
  • How you can maintain continuous workload compliance without sacrificing deployment flexibility
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