Fidelis Cybersecurity

Managed Detection and Response: Is It for You?

Virtual Webinar


As attackers continue to make their way past existing security defenses and SOC teams are constantly challenged to outpace well-organized threat actors, augmenting threat hunting along with detection and response functions is becoming a need. Additionally, SOC teams are already widely difficult to staff, from both cost and qualification barriers. Because of these factors, interest in MDR (Managed Detection and Response) has surged, and SOC teams may find themselves wondering if their organizations should consider supplementing their security posture with MDR.

Join Fidelis Cybersecurity’s CTO, Anubhav Arora, and VP, Marketing and Products, Tim Roddy, as they guide attendees to an understanding of how these various security technologies come together to provide coverage against advanced threats. During the discussion, which will be moderated by SecureWorld’s Director of Media and Content, Bruce Sussman, Anubhav and Tim will discuss various aspects of MDR considerations including:

  • Where is the MDR market going?
  • What is the scope of MDR services that are available and what is needed
  • What SOC staffing is replaced by MDR?
  • What detection and response monitoring capabilities are needed?
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