Making Threat Hunting a Reality

On-Demand Webinar


Traditional security has focused on preventive defenses, but data breaches continue to occur despite the many security tools deployed. With cybercriminals and nation states continuing to innovate and find ways to bypass defenses, organizations continue to be in a reactive mode. Threat hunting flips this model on its head and searches for unknown threats. However threat hunting is hard to do, requiring the right data, tools and expertise. Join cybersecurity experts for a discussion and demonstration of how to hunt for threats using metadata and automation. We will debunk some of the myths associated with threat hunting and provide strategies to effectively build an effective practice.

Attendees can expect to learn:

  • The difference between threat detection and threat hunting, and what expertise is required
  • The importance of having the right data for real-time and retrospective analysis
  • How to carry out an effective hunt starting with the unknown
  • Automating data collection, investigation steps, and response
  • The best option for your organization – whether it be product or service

In addition, attendees will see a short demonstration of the Fidelis Elevate® platform that walks through a threat hunting scenario using metadata and automation.

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