Is Zero Trust Right for Healthcare?

Healthcare remains one of the most cyberattacked industries in the world , with 90% of organizations reporting that they were targeted by distributed denial of service (DDoS) or ransomware attacks in 2020 alone . Can your organization detect, understand, respond to, and neutralize these threats before critical healthcare services are impacted?

Zero Trust is an architectural approach that assumes every person, place, or thing accessing your organization is untrustworthy until proven otherwise. When implemented properly, Zero Trust can help healthcare organizations reduce breach risk and speed detection times, improve efficiency of cyber operations, ease compliance auditing, and better protect sensitive healthcare data.

Join Chris Kubic, CISO at Fidelis Cybersecurity®, as he discusses Zero Trust as a critical component of your evolving cybersecurity architecture. In this webinar, you will learn

  • The mindset behind Zero Trust, as well as the architectural framework
  • How Zero Trust directly addresses healthcare industry security challenges
  • The role of AI-based threat detection in Zero Trust architectures
  • How to begin the Zero Trust journey without starting from scratch
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