Cyber Defense Webinar Series

Detect. Hunt. Respond.

Fidelis Elevate provides a terrain-based cyber defense that integrates network, endpoint and deception defenses to give you holistic visibility and control of your environment. With powerful machine-learning analytics running against rich network and endpoint metadata, you can detect, hunt and respond to advanced threats – in real-time and retrospectively – at every step of an attack, keeping your business operations and data safe.


-Fidelis Endpoint: How to Detect
-What is EDR Technology
-The Value of Metadata
-EDR vs AV
-Behavioural vs Static indicators
-Detection Intelligence
-The Importance of Bi-directional Visibility Across All Ports and Protocols
-Going Beyond Deep Packet Inspection
-Terrain and Asset management
-Machine Learning and Anomaly Detection
-How to Take Advantage of Rich Network Metadata and Forensic Information
-Harnessing Deception Technology to Further an Organisation’s Defenses
-How Deception Technologies can Address Active Directory and Ransomware Attacks


-Learn practical insights on effective threat hunting strategies
-Leverage a proven framework to proactively protect the network
-Learn how to utilise the MITRE ATT&CK™️ Framework to assist in remediation of threats
-Advanced Queries (Querying Metadata)
-Gathering Intelligence
-Rule writing, IOCs, YARA Rules
-Tips and Tricks


-A force multiplier for CERT and SOC
-Using Playbooks to automate IR
-IR frameworks
-The impact of time: Real time processing
-Preventing out of band
-Machine Learning and Anomaly Response

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