Key Considerations for Improving your Threat Detection and Response Strategy

On-Demand Webinar


As adversaries continue to have success, more organizations have recognized the need to implement a threat detection and response strategy. However, with an expanding attack surface, lack of skilled resources, and blind spots across the environment, this is a huge challenge to overcome. That’s why Fidelis commissioned research firm ESG to conduct a survey that would identify the key challenges that cybersecurity professionals are facing when approaching threat detection and response today, and what trends and strategies are forming as a result. Join us as Senior Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow, Jon Olstik and Fidelis Threat Research Director, Danny Pickens along with SOC Operations expert, Travis Aldrich, discuss the results of the 2019 Threat Detection and Response Survey. We’ll be considering the implications of the results and how these findings can inform threat detection and response for CISOs in the year to come.

Key themes covered include:

  1. Threat hunting in a detection and response strategy
  2. Threat intelligence reigning supreme as an EDR attribute
  3. Point products vs. consolidated solutions
  4. Detection and response and dealing with the skills shortage
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