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You Can't Detect What You Can't See: Illuminating the Entire Kill Chain

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With technology advances and threats seemingly coming from every direction, security environments have become more complex. Sensitive data is no longer locked within the corporate walls as the boundaries have expanded from the network to endpoints to the cloud. As new issues arise, new products and capabilities are created. The challenge is that the security bolt-on approach has led to many point security tools managed in silos, creating many blind spots. Visibility is a key challenge for cybersecurity teams and without having a holistic view, it’s nearly impossible to detect threats across every stage of the kill chain.

Join cybersecurity experts Dr. Chenxi Wang and Tim Roddy, as they shine a light on the challenges of attaining complete visibility across your security environment and discuss:

  • How to gain visibility across networks, endpoints and cloud environments
  • Alternative ways to gain visibility with and without requiring an agent on every system
  • Misconceptions around “real-time” visibility and the importance of “looking back”
  • The power of threat intelligence when combined with visibility
  • How to ensure detection across the entire kill chain – from infiltration to activity to lateral movement to data exfiltration
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