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How to Expose Encrypted Threats: See Fidelis in Action

How to Expose Encrypted Threats: See Fidelis in Action

The use of network encryption has risen rapidly over the past years. How are threat actors exploiting the trend and what security capabilities are needed to stop them? While TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security /Secure Sockets Layer) keeps communications private, it creates blind spots where attackers can hide. Fidelis Elevate enables organizations to analyze even encrypted network traffic by intercepting TLS/SSL communications, decrypting and inspecting the traffic for malicious activity. 

Join Ram Krishnamurthy, Sr. Product Manager for a demo of the Fidelis Decryption™ capability and find out how to: 

  • Decrypt and inspect suspicious network traffic with Fidelis 
  • Gain visibility into encrypted traffic, while maintaining compliance with privacy laws 

This session will include a dedicated time for open Q&A and a complimentary eBook Overcoming Detection Gaps of Deep Packet Inspection Tools.” 

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