Network Traffic Analysis: Your First Line of Defense for Detecting Advanced Threats

THE CRITICAL FUNCTION OF Network Traffic Analysis

Advanced cyber-attacks are designed to evade traditional prevention and detection techniques. While attackers try to obfuscate their activities, their packets ultimately cross the network. Enter Network Traffic Analysis solutions, which capture, process, and analyze network and cloud traffic to detect and investigate data that may indicate a cyber-attack. Network traffic analysis is a key component of threat detection, hunting, and response by providing deep visibility into the tactics and techniques attackers use to explore, expand control, and entrench themselves.

Join Fidelis experts for an examination of critical network traffic analysis capabilities, including:

  • The importance of bi-directional visibility across all ports and protocols
  • How to take advantage of rich network metadata and forensic information
  • Going beyond Deep Packet Inspection by decoding all content and providing context to identify threats and sensitive data
  • Integrating with Endpoint Detection and Response solutions to automate alert validation and response
  • Harnessing Deception Technology to further an organization’s defenses

As part of this webinar, you will see a demonstration of Fidelis Network.

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