Capturing the Flag with Active Deception Defenses

On-Demand Webinar


Capture the flag (CTF) exercises and events continue to increase in popularity providing essential training and skills development for defenders on blue teams and attackers on red teams. Jeopardy style or attack-defense CTF cyber exercises enable experienced participants and novices to work side by side on teams developing communication, time management and problem solving skills in a safe environment with ground rules and prizes for winners. Defending blue teams often dread the embarrassment of being attacked and compromised until modern deception defenses arrived. Deception defenses mimic a real environment with decoys and breadcrumbs creating an unknown mine field for attackers to detect their activity and movements giving defending blue teams a new advantage.

Join security experts to learn what happens when active deception defenses are put into a CTF exercise against human attackers and malware.

  • Learn the types of capture the flag exercises and benefits for participants
  • Assessment of blue team and read team CTF exercises for your organization
  • Comparing honeypot research versus post-breach deception detection
  • Understand the most popular breadcrumbs and decoys for deception and why
  • Lessons learned from active deception defenses within a CTF exercise
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