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Looking at Cybersecurity Through the Eyes of an Attacker

We’ve entered a new decade of the cybersecurity battle yet many of the same challenges remain. Threats continue to come from all angles as organizations try to overcome visibility and automation challenges, overburdened security teams, as well as bloated and inefficient security stacks. Attackers look for gaps across your entire environment and use sophisticated techniques and automation to evade defenses, disrupt business operations and steal sensitive data. When it comes to cybersecurity, every second counts, with average cyber dwell time measured in months and the financial impact of a data breach in the millions.

To improve cybersecurity outcomes, organizations must look across the entire environment (network, cloud, endpoints, enterprise IoT), see and correlate what threats are doing, how they’re moving, what they’re using to evade defenses, and what they’re targeting. Join us for a webinar where we will examine how to think like an attacker and gain continuous understanding of the environment and anomalous behavior. We’ll explore:

  • Where to focus your efforts based on the latest cybersecurity trends and challenges
  • The importance of gaining actionable insights into adversary techniques, tactics, and procedures
  • How to engage the attacker prior to impact with predictive analytics
  • Automating cybersecurity operations to make decisions and act faster than the attacker
  • Shaping the attacker’s perspective of your cyber terrain and slowing them down

This session features a Q&A and a complimentary eBook “See More Across Your Environment: Align Visibility for Post-Breach Detection and Response.”

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