Critical Capabilities for MDR Services- Know Before You Buy

On-Demand Webinar


24/7 coverage and skills shortages for post breach detection and response are driving the need for Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services. Analysts are predicting 15X growth for MDR services over the next few years as security leaders shift their focus from prevention to detection knowing attacks are evading existing defenses, often without malware by using macros and scripts.

Managed services often use MDR marketing messages and this sometimes results in their security monitoring services not meeting expectations. Buyers must learn what to look for in an MDR solution to avoid falling into this trap.

Join us for this 30 minute educational webcast to learn about the following before you buy:

  • How did MDR evolve, how is it defined, where is it going
  • What are MDR service critical components and capabilities
  • What are the differences between MDR and MSS (Managed Security Services)
  • How to evaluate MDR services technically and for critical skills
  • How to augment your SOC with MDR and proactive IR (Incident Response) services
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