Best Practices for Implementing a Secure DevOps Toolchain

In this webinar, presented by CloudPassage and our partner Terazo, you’ll learn a best-practices approach to shifting security left that accelerates delivery of secure software and reduces time chasing production issues. You’ll also learn how your DevOps teams can take ownership of your security posture by implementing gating functions that prevent insecure software from being promoted to production. Watch it on the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) BrightTALK channel to discover tools, indicators, and actionable steps that will improve the resiliency of DevOps software development and delivery, including:

  • Continuous integration: tips for developer training, static and dynamic application security testing, and software composition analysis
  • Continuous deployment: infrastructure provisioning and secrets management
  • Continuous configuration automation: automated release automation and configuration state reporting
  • Continuous monitoring: penetration testing and runtime application protection

You’ll also see a demonstration of integrating the CloudPassage Halo cloud security automation platform into a CI/CD pipeline. To watch, you will need to register with BrightTALK, if you are not already a subscriber to their excellent collection of technology thought-leadership channels. To discuss the needs of your specific environment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

 Terazo CloudPassage webinar
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