Change the Game: Attack & Defend in Stealth Mode



Enterprises are constantly under siege from advanced threats. With attackers eyeing your defenses, it is critical to understand your network and other security architecture components as your attackers see them. Knowing what attackers are looking for and how they are going to try to move through your network provides you with a key advantage. It will also make it easier to add an extra layer of protection to intercept and foil any potential avenues of attack.   

To change the outcome, you need to change the game. Deception technologies alter the threat landscape making it more expensive and difficult for attackers to accomplish their mission. We’ve unified deception with EDR, NDR, and cloud so our customers can find, respond and neutralize threats faster. 

Join this webinar to understand how Deception technology can be a powerful weapon in your defensive arsenal.   

Our VP of R&D for Deception, Rami Mizrahi, will demonstrate:   

  • Simulated scenarios showing the attack method,  
  • The type of attackers and what they’re looking for 
  • And how Deception technology detects and defends against attackers.  

Join us to learn how to think like an attacker and use deception in your environment to change the game on even the stealthiest of adversaries. 

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