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Addressing the Federal Cyber Workforce Skills Shortage

Building Cyber Warriors


As cyber threats and adversaries grow in sophistication, so does the risk to federal enterprises. Dealing with these advanced threats demands specialized knowledge and skillsets – resources that are currently spread thin across the public sector. To address this cyber skills gap challenge, the White House recently issued Executive Order 13870, “America’s Cybersecurity Workforce,” which aims to strengthen the federal cybersecurity workforce and operationalize agencies’ cybersecurity training, evaluation and hiring efforts. As agencies prepare their budgets, cybersecurity leaders are taking measures to build new training and mentoring programs to address the skill shortage. However, the human resources component is just one half of the equation – to meet the goals of this Executive Order and the Cross Agency Priority for Developing a Workforce for the 21st Century, agencies should also be prioritizing technological solutions that can act as a force multiplier for their new and existing talent.

Watch this webinar where we share considerations from our subject matter experts on how Federal leaders and other private organizations can work to modernize their workforce.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • How to balance the human resource and operational gap
  • How to build a 21st Century Cyber Workforce
  • How to bring automation and threat hunting skills in agency SOCs
  • How to leverage data science and AI to build sustainable and scalable cyber skills

This webinar also features a live demonstration of Fidelis Elevate and outlines how it can assist Federal agencies in closing the human and operational gaps in their SOC.

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