Accelerating Incident Response with Customization and Automation

When you’re responding to a cybersecurity incident, every second counts. Using forensic data analysis, SOC teams need flexible tools that provide the power to detect faster, dig deeper, and spot anomalies – even in unexpected circumstances – and prevent data loss and intrusion before the damage is done. The ability to customize rules and automate detection and response are imperative in the fight against adversaries.

Join Fidelis Cybersecurity experts, including Ryan Gurr, as they demonstrate three real-world scenarios where automated and customized rules in Fidelis Elevate have made the difference for customers, including:

  • Preventing HTTP/FTP access to hostile countries or sites to protect critical design information
  • Data loss prevention of intellectual property (IP) across shared systems
  • Rapid detection of non-standard port/protocol/encryption usage on the network
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