Network Detection and Response Demo


Elevate Your Defenses and Change the Game: Network Detection & Response

Network detection and response is a critical foundation to your cybersecurity defenses. In this demo video, Jerry Mancini, COO of Fidelis Cybersecurity, walks you through how the Fidelis Network® detection and response (NDR) solution uses sensors across network gateways, web, email, cloud, and more to keep you ahead of cyber adversaries. In this video, you will see first-hand:

  • The breadth and depth of the Fidelis Network solution, and the key features that provide deeper visibility and control of what is flowing through your networks
  • How Fidelis Network detects content-level threats that are invisible to other network security systems
  • Why context and visibility into deeply embedded network content matters, and how to use that contextual visibility to speed threat detection and response