How to Think Like an Attacker


Organizations continue to face threats from all angles. Meanwhile, cybersecurity postures haven’t evolved to be more predictive and proactive, and there are still too many underutilized point security tools that require too much manual effort from understaffed and overburdened teams. In this interview, Craig Harber, CTO of Fidelis Cybersecurity, explains how to improve the security of an organization’s environment by “thinking like an attacker”.

“By understanding what attackers are doing, we can use that to essentially change our defensive posture,” Harber says. “By understanding the scenarios or sequences they go through, we can actually start predicting an attack before it’s fully occurred.”

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • Fundamental differences in how attackers and defenders think;
  • What defenders can learn from their adversaries;
  • How to shift from a reactive to proactive or predictive security approach;
  • The importance of leveraging cybersecurity frameworks to understand gaps and redundancies in the security stack.