Fidelis Deception® In Action

Fidelis Deception® turns the tables on attackers by altering the cyber terrain – so 1,000 endpoints becomes 10,000 endpoints – slowing down attackers and increasing their cost of doing business. With Fidelis Deception, external and insider threats can no longer move laterally undetected for months on end, ultimately stealing sensitive data or impacting business operations.

Watch this brief demo video to find out how Fidelis Deception provides a smart alarm system and reduces dwell time. Learn how to:

  • Discover and classify network assets, including legacy systems, shadow-IT and IoT devices
  • Create decoys and breadcrumbs for immediate effectiveness and with minimal resources and time required
  • Automate deception layer updates and changes in on-premises and cloud environments
  • Detect malware and intruders moving laterally within the network