Active XDR and Proactive Cyber Defense Demo


Elevate Your Defenses and Change the Game: Active XDR and Proactive Cyber Defense

It’s time to beat adversaries at their game. Jerry Mancini, COO of Fidelis Cybersecurity, will demonstrate how Fidelis Elevate®, an Active Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform, helps users reclaim their advantage over cyber adversaries with a proactive cyber defense. You’ll learn how to build a defense-in-depth strategy with active and open XDR solutions that work together seamlessly so can neutralize threats before they impact your organization. Watch to see:

  • How Fidelis Elevate combines network detection and response (NDR), endpoint deception and response (EDR), and deception technologies to form the foundation of real-time visibility, threat detection, and response Active XDR platform
  • The role that automation and analytics plays to generate high-fidelity alerts, accelerate detection and response, and continually improve defenses

A demo of how the Fidelis Elevate platform shifts users to a proactive cyber defense