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The State of Threat Detection Report 2019

The past year was filled with headlines covering the latest data breach, ransomware attack, or advanced new exploit. Unfortunately, those headlines are nothing out of the ordinary anymore – this is our new status quo. It falls onto cybersecurity teams to grapple with this evolving cyber threat landscape, even as their own cyber terrain grows with the addition of more cloud applications, more connected devices, and higher levels of network traffic than ever before. To stay ahead of the next emerging cyber threat, enterprises need a combination of complete visibility, advanced security controls and practiced expertise. However, this is often easier said than done.

As cyber terrain grows, the likelihood of blind spots grows too. Organizations are under pressure to close these blind spots, especially in the direct aftermath of a security incident. This leads many organizations to execute their cybersecurity strategy in a much more reactive manner than they would like. As a result, many of today’s enterprises are left to deal with compounding visibility challenges, increasingly bloated security stacks and a perpetual need for more talent to close cyber skills gaps.

To find out the most pressing issues facing cybersecurity teams in 2019, Fidelis interviewed roughly 300 security professionals from around the globe. Download The State of Threat Detection Report 2019 to read what we found.

Watch the State of Threat Detection Webinar to hear a detailed analysis of survey findings straight from the experts and how findings can be applied to the modern enterprise and 2020 security programs.

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