Research Report

SC Media Fidelis Deception® Review

Cyber attacks are not single events, they’re processes. Once an attacker has managed to access a network or endpoint they don’t know where they are, and they gather intel by searching assets for valuable information and clues about where the desired data or location might reside. During this process, attackers look across endpoints, networks and different devices as they try to laterally move to the targeted location in order to reach their objective. It’s this lateral movement that deception technology can use to stop attackers and protect organizations.

The deception layer intervenes in this reconnaissance phase, luring and deceiving the attackers by detecting their activities very early in the kill chain before damage is caused to the organization and before the attackers can reach their objective.

The Main Goals of Modern Deception are to:

  • Detect the presence of attackers in internal networks
  • Thwart, confuse and delay an attack-in-progress
  • Provide visibility into the attackers’ activities, goals and tactics

SC Labs have recognized deception technology as an emerging, quickly growing product group. Download this report to read SC Media’s review of Fidelis Deception.