Research Report

Fidelis Threat Intelligence Report – November 2020

The Fidelis Threat Research Team (TRT) collects a wealth of security and threat intelligence information for security professionals interested in the state of global cybersecurity. The report gives insights into malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats, as well as recommendations from the Fidelis TRT.

In this November 2020 report, the Fidelis TRT warns organizations in the Financial services and Retail sectors of adversaries looking to target shoppers through retailer and e-commerce websites.

Highlighted in this report:

  • Vulnerability exploitation attempts show elevated activity against previously identified TRT Intel Priority software and services including VPN services, Apache Struts, and Microsoft Office.
  • Commodity malware and targeting of popular Windows vulnerabilities and protocols remain popular.
  • Confirmed ransomware incidents include the targeting of enterprises in retail and transportation, two priority business verticals as assessed by TRT Intel due to social and economic impact.

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