Research Report

Fidelis Threat Intelligence Report – February/March 2021

The Fidelis Threat Research Team (TRT) collects a wealth of security and threat intelligence information for security professionals interested in the state of global cybersecurity. The report gives insights into malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats, as well as recommendations from the Fidelis TRT.   

In this February-March 2021 report, the Fidelis TRT assesses an increase in targeting of organizations less focused on by the security industry yet equally critical, like Transportation and Retail. These verticals are being targeted by nation-state adversaries which could result in broad social and economic impacts.  

Further highlighted in this report:  

  • High-risk vulnerabilities in VMWare and Jenkins 
  • An adversary group linked to China was associated with the Supernova web shell 
  • Leaked emails from pharma companies and agencies onto a Russian-language dark web forum 

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