Research Report

It’s Awfully Noisy Out There: Results of the 2018 SANS IR Survey

The past year has seen data breaches impact millions of citizens from both political and financial perspectives. Combined with enforcement of privacy rules and regulations, incident responders have been dealing with an incredible amount of noise. This report provides the results of the 2018 SANS Incident Response Survey and focuses on how incident responders can drown out the noise and focus on the sounds that matter.

Key takeaways from this year’s survey include:

  • Compared with 2017, IR teams are detecting, containing and remediating incidents much faster than before.
  • We’re still seeing gaps in response capabilities, whether it’s missed incidents, shortage of staff or simple lack of visibility into incidents or data breaches. Some 32% of our respondents were unsure of how many incidents they had not responded to.
  • Respondents indicated difficulties in confidently identifying affected data and threat actors from breaches, which may lead to ineffective remediation and eradication.