Avoiding the Crippling Effects of Ransomware Through Early Detection & Response

With the exponential growth of Ransomware, public posting of sensitive and personal data, and the large sums of money being demanded by Ransomware gangs, Ransomware remains high (if not the highest) on the list of security concerns for enterprises, CISOs, and CIOs. Organizations hit with a Ransomware attack must weigh the risks of losing access to critical data and systems or paying large sums of ransom to the attackers – with no guarantee the data would be reliably reproduced.

To protect your enterprise, earlier detection and response is key to avoiding significant damage and cost for your organization. Join Chris Kubic, former NSA CISO and current CISO at Fidelis Cybersecurity, as he shares:

  • How Ransomware differs from other kinds of cyber attacks
  • The evolution of Ransomware attacks, especially throughout the global pandemic
  • The value of early detection and blocking of attacks
  • Best practices to reduce the risk of Ransomware