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Fidelis Elevate® provides a consolidated security stack that integrates, automates, orchestrates and correlates, rich metadata from network, endpoint and deception defenses to help you quickly detect, hunt and respond with precision to even the most advanced threats.

  • See across all ports and protocols
  • Analyze all network and endpoint metadata
  • Detect attacks in real time AND retroactively over the entire kill chain
  • Disguise your network with deception to detect and lure adversaries away from your assets
  • Automate incident response to reduce the impact of a breach

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Extended Detection & Response For Your Enterprise


Fidelis Elevate® Datasheet

Learn about the features of Fidelis Elevate®. Read the datasheet

What Customers and Experts are Saying

“We’re able to observe more – more aspects, more activities and more methods used during an attack. Thanks to Fidelis our security dramatically changed.”

Marek Laskowski, IT Director, DZP

Effortless implementation with immediate visibility and results

“The deployment was effortless and involved no downtime for our production network infrastructure which was a major benefit for our organization. The vendor in my own opinion went above and beyond with their training which was originally supposed to be the general administration and “how to”….

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Highly Recommended Product and Company

“This vendor has gone above and beyond what others have done for us in the past to ensure that we are using the product to its fullest potential. They took the time to understand our unique environment and were able to deliver a solution that fits our model. Support has always been top notch and…

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Fidelis Network and Deception Capabilities

“One of our favorite takeaways from using a platform such as Fidelis Elevate was being able to exercise the concept of holistic visibility, meaning the environment is ingested, analyzed and treated as a single unit. Holistic visibility allows for threats to be analyzed and neutralized faster,…

Matt Bromiley, Analyst, SANS Read full review