Automate Cloud Workload Protection

Fidelis Server Secure is comprehensive cloud workload protection for public, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

Deep Dive

How Fidelis Server Secure Works

The Fidelis Server Secure patented distributed architecture provides maximum security power with minimum impact to your servers and workloads. With automated operations and extreme scalability that won’t inflate your cloud budget, your cloud workload protection will keep up with rapid changes in even the most dynamic hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.

Feature: Activate, Monitor, Alert, Remediate, Improve

Activate, Monitor, Alert
Remediate, Improve

How Secure is Fidelis Server Secure?

Fidelis Server Secure is designed for hostile environments so you don’t have to worry about the integrity of your cloud security platform.

  • Proactively maintains its own health with regular self-assessments
  • Ensures message authenticity, confidentiality, and integrity with layers of patented cryptographic controls
  • Only communicates outbound via a unique command-and-control protocol