Neutralize Threats; Prevent Network-based Attacks

Fidelis Network protects against cloud and on-prem network threats with deep visibility and control over the entire threat framework, from initial compromise through data exfiltration.



Stay Ahead of Cyber Risk with Fidelis Network

Fidelis Network doesn’t just provide network visibility. It actively calculates cyber risk of all assets and communications, in, out, and through your network, to keep you ahead of the next attack.

  • Identify and classify all assets in your cloud and on-prem networks
  • Calculate risk in real time based on curated threat intelligence from Fidelis Insight
  • Visually inspect your cyber risk at a high level and dive deep into asset classification and status

Accelerate Advanced Threat Detection and Response (NDR)

Fidelis Network analyzes all content and collects over 300 metadata attributes—more than any netflow-based NDR solution—providing better threat intelligence and detecting threats from initial compromise through data exfiltration.

  • Get fast data processing in less rack space with a 20GB 1U sensor
  • Unpack and extract deeply embedded files to detect data exfiltration, with patented Deep Session Inspection® for direct, internal, cloud, email, and web traffic
  • Make data-informed decisions based on powerful machine learning analytics and anomaly detections
  • Detect and stop data theft at line speed
data security

Improve Data Security

Fidelis Network gives you a clear picture of bi-directional encrypted traffic, with content and rich, insightful context in one place.

  • Analyze encrypted traffic and detect anomalies within that traffic
  • Decrypt for deeper analysis to detect malware on the wire, encrypted attacker communications, data theft, and insider threat, inspect, and re-encrypt traffic without slowing down network traffic
  • Understand what’s moving across your network, how it’s moving, and who is seeing it
  • Ensure data privacy while bolstering data security

Unify Network Defense over all Communication Paths

A typical network defense solution would require separately managed products for Email, Web, IDS, threat, and DLP. Fidelis Network combines email, web, and internal network solutions into a single, highly scalable solution to address security and bolster data security.

  • Handle adversary attacks, insider threat, and data leakage in one place, over all network communications.
  • Respond to threat and data leakage by dropping malicious traffic or quarantining email
  • Simplify network security with a unified NDR solution
Retrospective Capabilities of Fidelis Elevate, an Active XDR Platform

Real-Time and Retrospective Network Analysis

When a new attack becomes public, CISOs want to know how that new threat increases organizational risk. Fidelis Network extracts metadata that covers netflow, known and unknown network protocols, files, and content, providing a rich foundation for real-time and retrospective analysis. Threat defenders can quickly search this data to uncover and investigate new IOCs, threats, and insider actions.

Proactive Cloud and On-Prem Network Defense as Part of an Active XDR Solution

Unifying Fidelis Network with Endpoint and Deception in a single platform – Fidelis Elevate – creates an Active XDR platform that helps organizations detect sooner, respond faster, and recover easier after the attack. Fidelis Network gives you deep visibility into networks on all ports and protocols and bolsters security operations with proactive, predictive, and deception techniques across networks, endpoints, and clouds.

Trusted Network Detection and Response

"Goes Immediately to Work Detecting Evil Out Of The Box!"

-Gartner Peer Insights

Highlighting the Role of Response in Network Detection & Response