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Fidelis Halo® is a unified cloud security and compliance platform for IaaS, PaaS, servers, and containers that protects your assets with cloud-speed efficiency.


Deep Dive

Three Cloud Security Services – One Unified Platform

Right-size your cloud security solution without limiting your potential for growth. Fidelis Halo scales effortlessly with your cloud footprint and ports seamlessly with workloads so you’re always protected without complicated forecasting exercises.

Fidelis CloudPassage Halo Platform

Fidelis CloudPassage Halo Platform

Cloud Security Without the Hidden Cloud Costs

Fidelis Halo offers a completely unique – and streamlined – approach to workload security. The patented Fidelis Halo microagent won’t inflate your cloud budget or contend with your workloads for system resources.

  • Establish and maintain visibility and assessment with agentless AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud security posture management for AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Scale workload and container security effortlessly—without adding costly resources—with the completely unique 2 MB Fidelis Halo microagent that rarely needs updating
  • Update and upgrade your host operating systems without reconfiguring or reinstalling Fidelis Halo microagents

Continual Cloud Attack Surface Management

One compromised cloud account or asset can result in compounding damage to your organization. Fidelis Halo automates security and compliance controls to shrink the attack surface and reduce risks to your organization.

  • Maintain security and compliance posture across complex cloud environments
  • Detect configuration drift at common infiltration points
  • Receive best-practice remediation advice and scripts to automate common cloud misconfiguration fixes

Frictionless Security Integration and Automation to Accelerate DevSecOps Adoption

DevOps deployment accelerates everything – including security requirements. Fidelis Halo shifts security left and integrates frictionlessly with CICD pipeline tools and DevOps workflows, enabling a true DevSecOps adoption.

  • Empower asset owners to also own security and compliance through seamless integration
  • Accelerate security to the speed of DevOps delivery with automated security across every environment
  • Make DevOps a force multiplier for security with each deployment

Defense in Depth for Cloud

Manage and maintain layers of security coverage for all your IaaS, PaaS, servers, and containers with a single platform.

  • Cloud Asset Inventory and Discovery: Close visibility and security gaps in public, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments
  • Vulnerability and Exposure Management: Identify risks in configurations, administrative access, and vulnerable software before they expose your organization to adversaries
  • Continuous Cloud Security Monitoring: Improve security hygiene and keep your environments in a strong, survivable state
  • Threat and Compromise Detection: Automatically detect signs of intrusion through log, file, system integrity, and container monitoring
  • Microsegmentation and Network Traffic Monitoring: Keep ahead of cloud network threats and ensure microsegmentation best practices across clouds
  • Continuous Compliance Management: Put an end to last-minute fire drills before the audit and empower teams to implement automated remediation

Halo Portal

A convenient “single pane of glass” to manage all Halo CWPP capabilities

  • Policy Creation
  • Alerting setup
  • Report viewing
  • User permission management
  • And more

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Vulnerability Management

Shrink the Cloud Attack Surface

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