Turn Adversaries into Targets

Fidelis Deception shifts the advantage from the cyber adversary to the cyber defender. It helps security teams proactively detect, deceive, and neutralize adversaries inside your network before they can do damage to your organization.


Deep Dive

Shift to Proactive Cyber Defense

Stop searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Deception delivers highly accurate and actionable alerts to find and stop threats earlier. Using Fidelis Deception, which can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, security teams turn the tables on cyber adversaries and gain a clear advantage.

Fidelis Deception lets users quickly and dynamically build deception layers comprised of lures and decoys of your applications and services,network breadcrumbs, integrated Active Directory (AD) credentials, as well as memory, endpoint and server lures. When attackers pursue these deception layers, it sounds an alert, so you can study how the attacker operates, neutralize any threats, and defend against repeat attempts. SOC teams that use deception technologies are quicker, more efficient, and effective. Analysts focus on real incidents and get more done with the same resources.


Discover: Start with an Accurate View of Your Cyber Terrain

Profile your networks, assets, users, and applications with Fidelis Deception. It quickly provides all of the information you need to create deception layers, speed threat hunting and quickly analyze incidents.

Create Decoys: Automatically Build an Intelligent Deception Layer

Create and deploy authentic decoys automatically and set breadcrumbs that attract adversaries. They follow the path that Fidelis Deception sets to the deception layer and away from your valuable assets.

Distribute: Deploy Deception Across Networks and Cloud

Rapidly seed breadcrumbs in real assets and active directory and continually adapt the deception layer so that it protects your most valuable assets in real time.

Detect: Eliminate False Positives with High Fidelity Alerts

Detect post-breach attacks in real time and gain actionable intelligence from real or golden image OS decoys. Armed with data and terrain, you’ll learn attack tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), stop attackers at the deception layer, and improve defenses against future attacks.

Adapt: Continually, Automatically Improve Your Deception Layer

Keep adversaries guessing by dynamically changing and adapting the deception layers automatically.

Flexible Deployment Options for Deception in the Cloud and On-Premises