Detect and Respond Faster

Fidelis Endpoint EDR detects endpoint activity in real time and retrospectively so you can accelerate your response and stop adversaries at the point of entry.

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Deep Dive


Detect and Prevent Advanced Attacks

Fidelis Endpoint® provides comprehensive visibility, detection, and response across all endpoints on and off the network to help you get ahead of threats and stop attacks earlier.

Discover: Close Gaps and Better Defend Endpoints

After installing a single, lightweight agent on each Windows, Linux, and MacOS device, your SOC team gains deep visibility into all endpoint activity. Fidelis Endpoint monitors endpoints while they are on and off the network.

close gaps

Detect: Hunt Faster and Uncover Threats in Real-time

Vulnerable endpoints become apparent through context-rich, high-fidelity alerts. Fidelis Endpoint provides curated threat intelligence that rapidly detects threats, including real-time and historical data, sandboxing, and machine learning through Fidelis Insight™.

Respond: Shut Down Attacks Before Damage is Done

With hands-on remote control of disks, files, registries, and processes, your SOC team responds quickly to threats as if they are physically sitting at the endpoint. They can isolate systems, block or terminate processes, and remediate endpoints through manual actions or by running scripts or playbooks.


Fidelis Endpoint provides detections (red), response (blue), and third-party intelligence and integration (yellow) in a single agent with on/off grid defenses.

Improve: Automated, Extensive and Extensible Protection

After the attack, SOC teams can determine the extensiveness and risk of issues by analyzing past behavior patterns, with historical data aggregation in 30-, 60-, or 90-day windows. Armed with this information and paired with MITRE ATT&CK analysis and threat intelligence feeds, they can then automate responses using the predefined IOC and Yara library, or easily create and customize rules to continually improve endpoint detection and response.

Flexible Deployment Options for NDR in the Cloud and On-Premises