Find and Neutralize Advanced Threats Faster

Fidelis Elevate® is an open and extensible Active eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) platform that is purpose-built for proactive cyber defense.


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How Fidelis Elevate Works

Fidelis Elevate is an eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) platform that helps organizations shift from a prevention-focused approach to one that prioritizes detection and response. It uniquely integrates deception technology with advanced detection and response capabilities to quickly re-shape the attack surface so you can and stop adversaries earlier in the attack lifecycle to prevent data theft, ransomware and other malicious activity.


Elevate Your Defenses and Change the Game: Active XDR and Proactive Cyber Defense

Elevate Deepdive

Fidelis Elevate Use Cases

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

A platform of choice relied upon to find, stop, or remediate some of the world’s most high-profile security attacks in the commercial, enterprise, and government sectors.

  • Identify advanced threats and adversary activity that evaded point solutions
  • Identify compromised systems and data
  • Contain the attack and eradicate the threat
  • Minimize the damage and remediate the threat.
  • Automate responses to prevent similar threats
A Force Multiplier for Security Operations

Fidelis Elevate integrates network detection and response, data loss prevention, deception, and endpoint detection and response into one unified extended detection and response solution. Now your security team can focus on the most urgent threats and protect sensitive data rather than spending time validating and triaging thousands of alerts from multiple point solutions.

Enhance your Visibility and Threat Detection Capabilities

Automate Response for Quick and Effective resolution