Protects Your Full Container Stack

Fidelis Container Secure automates container security and compliance coverage for Docker, Kubernetes, and continuous-delivery pipeline infrastructures.


Deep Dive

How Fidelis Container Secure Works

Fidelis Container Secure continually monitors container environments to detect new vulnerabilities and exposes introduced by innocent changes or malicious activities, and enables automated remediation driven by InfoSec or DevOps teams.

Feature: Deploy, Configure, Integrate, Automate

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Supported Technologies

Container Runtime Engine

Docker CE, Docker EE, Contained


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack, Virtual Machines (VMware, etc.) Rackspace, bare metal.

Image Registry

Docker Private Registry, Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR), jFrong Artifactory

Container Host OS

Amazon Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, Debian, CoreOS

Image Base

OS Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, Debian, Alpine

CICD Integration

Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Circle Cl, Travis CI and more

Other Integrations

Rest API, SIEM (SumoLogic, Splunk, etc.) Messaging (Slack), Ticketing (JIRA), and more

What is the Fidelis Microagent?

Fidelis Container Secure relies on a lightweight, 2 MB software sensor—a microagent—that assesses running containers on Docker hosts, collects data about the container, and sends it to the Halo Cloud. Fidelis microagents are:

  • Truly frictionless by design. With one for Linux and one for Windows, they are self-installing and rarely need updating.
  • Versatile in their application. They can be installed directly as software on the container host, or they can run as a container.
  • Streamlined in operation. The Halo Cloud centralized agent framework does the heavy lifting for the microagent, freeing up your cloud resources for your containers and workloads.