Protects Your Full Container Stack

Fidelis Container Secure automates container security and compliance coverage for Docker, Kubernetes, and continuous-delivery pipeline infrastructures.



Automate Security Across the Infrastructure Stack

Fidelis Container Secure integrates and automates security across the entire infrastructure stack for containers, including registries, pre-production images, run-time environments, and DevOps toolchains.

  • Shift security left and provides immediate delivery of vulnerability and exposure issues to DevOps teams and system owners
  • Secure development, pre-production, and runtime environments with a single platform
  • Integrate seamlessly into existing DevOps workflows and CICD pipeline tools
Container Secure Overview

Thwart Attacks in Real Time

Containers spin up and down in seconds, but that’s enough time for an attacker to move in. Fidelis Container Secure detects indicators of threat in real time, before attackers can gain a foothold into your environment.

  • Assess images and registries before they go into production, while at rest, and at runtime for full container lifecycle security coverage
  • Identify and quarantine rogue containers at cloud-speed and gather contextual data for remediation analysis
  • Integrate with DevOps tools to provide best-practice advice and scripts for manual and automated remediation

Support for AWS, Azure, and GCP Deployments

Fidelis Container Secure integrates directly with Docker hosts, Kubernetes nodes, and a range of image registries like AWS ECR, Docker Trusted Registry, and JFrog Artifactory.

  • Utilize cloud-native Kubernetes and Docker security in AWS, Azure, and GCP environments
  • Integrate seamlessly with Jenkins and other CICD pipeline delivery tool
  • Secure container runtimes, base OS images, and host operating systems in Windows and Linux environments both in the cloud and on-premises

Extensive Compliance Controls for Containerized Environments

Ensure continual compliance with unified security controls across your IaaS, PaaS, servers, and containers.

  • Continually discovery, inventory, and assess IaaS, PaaS, servers, containers, and container images
  • Monitor the complete container stack for file integrity, configuration compliance, and software vulnerabilities
  • Visualize and monitor traffic into and out of your container environments and detect suspicious patterns and behaviors