Automate Hybrid and Multi Cloud Security

Fidelis Cloud Secure is the means to establish and maintain a strong IaaS and PaaS security posture automatically.


Deep Dive

Automate CSPM for Hybrid and Multi Cloud Environments

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) is imperative to finding and closing gaps, illuminating exposures, and tracking and remediating security and compliance events and issues. Fidelis Cloud Secure is an automated CSPM service that provides continuous inventory, evaluation, and assessment of your entire infrastructure, including your public cloud assets, at any scale. Feature: Connect, Assess, Remediate, Optimize, Integrate

Cloud Secure Deep Dive Graphic
Cloud Secure Deep Dive Graphic

Automate Remediation Without Losing Control

Fidelis Cloud Secure provides JSON scripts along with most alerts to help you accelerate and automate remediation.

  • Automate remediation for common IaaS and PaaS misconfigurations to ensure continual compliance
  • Choose which issues to target for automated remediation and retain manual control over the rest
  • Get alerts in real time so you can track automated remediation events