Automate Hybrid and Multi Cloud Security

Fidelis Cloud Secure is the means to establish and maintain a strong IaaS and PaaS security posture automatically.




Fast, Automated Cloud Security

Fidelis Cloud Secure, was made for fast-moving, ephemeral environments. There’s nothing to install and no service degradation. The negligible processing impact doesn’t get in the way of your cloud workloads or inflate your cloud budget.

  • Find critical risks other tools miss with automatic discovery, inventory, and assessment of IaaS and PaaS
  • Detect security and compliance risks in real time that are introduced by newly provisioned assets, innocent changes, or malicious activity
  • Decrease exposure time with fast, automated remediation workflows

Cloud Security Posture Management at Any Scale

Fidelis Cloud Secure delivers configuration security issues to system owners in real-time so you can accelerate your remediation process and maintain continual compliance.

  • Deliver best-practice remediation advice with every alert so asset owners know exactly how to fix issues
  • Automatically track remediation progress through the Halo Portal
  • Automate remediation with JSON code provided with configuration security alerts


of organizations use two or more cloud providers.


Simplify DevSecOps

Fidelis Cloud Secure works with tools that security and DevOps teams rely upon for day-to-day activities, while offering nearly limitless integration possibilities across your organization.

  • Shift left to automate security assessments across common CICD tools
  • Integrate with SEIM and SOAR tools to aggregate and analyze security posture management data
  • Communicate security and compliance issues through common messaging, ticketing, and task management tools

Streamline Compliance Audits

Fidelis Cloud Secure provides continual compliance, which makes your IaaS and PaaS audits faster, easier, more successful, and less frustrating.

  • Address compliance issues as they’re discovered, rather than during an audit or as a list-minute fire drill
  • Access all your compliance data in one place, from cloud asset population and configuration to findings and remediation records
  • Gain a tamper-proof record of technical and operational compliance for your IaaS and PaaS environments