Thein Security

Thein Security: Cyber Security leader in CZ / SK region.

We provide complex Security as a Service services and expand to global markets.

  • Since 2010 we belong among pioneers in the field of sensitive data leakage prevention, defense against sophisticated cyber attacks, unknown malware detection and active protection against DDoS attacks.
  • We supply services and technologies for hybrid environments (on prem / cloud) and specialize in the Zero Trust approach.
  • We operate a specialized Security Operations Center (SOC). We ensure uninterrupted service of the security supervision in the 24/7/365 mode.
  • Our customers are mainly large corporations, mobile operators, Internet service providers, financial institutions and the state administration, including armed and security forces.
  • We have a professional team of experts with long-term experience.
  • When providing services, we can rely on the support of a strong investment group. We are part of Thein that focus on investments in technological companies operating in ICT, cyber security and industry 4.0, both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Region: Europe
  • Country: Czech Republic, Slovakia
  • Type: Reseller
  • Partner Status: Authorized