NASK S.A. is a Stock Capital Company, that in 2017 was separated from the NASK RESEARCH INSTITUTE. It gathered key competences and a team of qualified engineers, which allowed the Institute to become involved in conducting activities related to the implementation of tasks that are particularly important for the state. The main task of NASK S.A. was to commercialize and market products developed by the Institute and the NASK Group, and to create, based on the technological strategy of the Institute, a new portfolio of products and services targeted at small, medium and large enterprises.

NASK S.A. is a telecommunications operator, a provider of modern ICT solutions, as well as a supplier of advanced security services, data protection, secure co-location and cloud computing, which are provided in its own Data Centers, using its own technological solutions as well as the solutions of world leading companies.

Services and scope of activities NASK S.A. focuses on three pillars: telecommunications, cybersecurity, and services provided on the basis of its own highly secured and modern Data Centers.

  • Region: Europe
  • Country: Poland
  • Type: Reseller
  • Partner Status: Premier