We are building cyber threat awareness. We identify the needs existing in IT security field and network infrastructure, we react to them by providing high quality solutions and services. Our skills allow us to build complementary solutions which protect the most precious and valuable resources of our clients.  Our team consists of the specialists who pride in thorough experience gained in international corporations. Our work is our passion and thanks to it we are eager to constantly develop our competences and learn new ones. We follow common values. We act honestly and we cater for engagement and professionalism on every stage of our work and build mutual trust. Growing dangers in IT force us to constant search for new security solutions which will protect the most precious and valuable resources in the organization. The knowledge of unique and specialist products together with the ability of  connecting them let us build complementary solutions. The systems which we offer consist of products of various features thanks to which they fully address the needs and requirements of our clients. Learn more

  • Region: Europe
  • Country: Poland
  • Type: Reseller
  • Partner Status: Elite