BTS PRO was established in 2008.

Accomplish technological evolution along with mid-sized companies & large enterprises.

Because today’s business is a constant whirlwind and you have to adapt, BTS Pro put the wheels in motion to ensure that complex processes flow smoothly. Their mission comprises of creating long-term value for their Clients’ business processes through cutting-edge technologies.

BTS Pro takes over some or all of the IT department processes, then integrate, configure, secure and deliver – focusing on the added value that they bring.

Being among the TOP 3 integrators on the market, they made it to the top by serving over 50 of the most recognized brands in banking, telecommunications, industrial, aviation, government institutions, and foreign ones.

Moreover, BTS Pro comply with ISO standards obtained as a result of the Integrated Management System implementation.

  • Region: Europe
  • Country: Moldova
  • Type: Reseller