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CloudPassage Releases Python SDK for Halo

CloudPassage today announced the Python SDK for Halo, the companyÕs award-winning automated security platform. The release includes tools, libraries, documentation and sample code to allow for fast, easy integration of Halo with other applications and tools.

Halo API is used by enterprise customers to automate remediation, create custom dashboards and integrate security event streams into their workflow. Python SDK for Halo allows developers to create custom integrations much faster and easier, without needing to manage the underlying communications infrastructure.

The Python SDK is an API wrapper for CloudPassage HaloÕs REST API to facilitate and speed programmatic integrations with Halo. The SDK also bakes in the high-friction elements of using the Halo API: authentication, security token renewal, and pagination, making the Halo API accessible to non-expert developers. Finally, the open-source nature of the SDK means that customers are free to modify and tailor the product to their specific needs.

ÒWith this new release, CloudPassage has made state-of-the-art automated security and compliance solutions more accessible than ever before,Ó said Sami Laine, principal technologist, CloudPassage. ÒHalo was already capable of delivering secure innovation and deployment. The Python SDK makes it even easier for developers to integrate the security to their infrastructure.Ó

The SDK allows users to avoid duplicate work, effectively troubleshoot, and enable more developers to help with integration efforts. All Halo-supported supplemental tools, such as the Halo Event Connector, are standardized to use the Halo Python SDK, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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