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Fidelis Cybersecurity Launches Automated Endpoint Detection and Response Delivered from the Cloud

Fidelis Endpoint Cloud Enables Security Teams to Break Through Alert Fatigue and Zero-in on Modern Threats Hiding on the Endpoint

To provide security personnel with the visibility, context and automation required to investigate and resolve threats lurking on endpoints and to protect their organizations from cyberattacks, Fidelis Cybersecurity announces the availability of Fidelis Endpoint Cloud. This solution includes all the features and benefits of the on-premise version of Fidelis Endpoint with the added convenience, scalability and economy of a cloud-based deployment model with capacity-based subscription pricing.

Fidelis Endpoint continuously monitors and detects security incidents and threats on laptops, servers and other endpoints — both on and off network — that can hide and go unresolved in your environment. With Fidelis Endpoint, users can quickly identify other compromised machines, determine the root cause of issues, and take rapid response and remediation actions. Fidelis Endpoint eases the steps needed to retrieve information about alerts and affected endpoints while providing valuable metadata, so users can quickly distinguish between threats and false alarms and save hours of legwork and research.

“When an attacker gets on an endpoint, they gain a foothold in your network – so what begins as an inadvertent click on a well-crafted phishing email can escalate as attackers move laterally within your network and gain access to your sensitive information,” says Fidelis Cybersecurity CTO Kurt Bertone. “Security teams are buried in alerts, so we designed our technology to provide the visibility, context and automation that security professionals need to detect, investigate and resolve the modern threats that enterprises face today.”

With the Fidelis Endpoint Cloud offering, all of the management, metadata and analytics components of the Fidelis Endpoint solution are deployed in a Fidelis-provided cloud infrastructure – making it possible for organizations to focus on security without the distractions of provisioning, patching and maintaining their “back end” security infrastructure.

Fidelis Endpoint Cloud can be deployed as a standalone solution or in conjunction with the Fidelis Network product. When used together, network and endpoint event data is automatically correlated to confirm and validate alerts and suspicious activity. Security teams also receive rich network and endpoint metadata that provide details on what took place before, during, and after the alert — eliminating manual investigation and accelerating response. Learn more.

Fidelis Endpoint Cloud is generally available today and includes all the benefits of the latest version of Fidelis Endpoint. Pricing is simple and straightforward, while providing the flexibility to add storage and endpoints as your requirements grow or change. Learn more about the benefits and features of Fidelis Endpoint Cloud.

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About Fidelis Cybersecurity

Fidelis Cybersecurity combats the full spectrum of cyber-crime, data theft and espionage. A leading provider of threat detection, hunting and response solutions, Fidelis provides full visibility across hybrid environments, automates threat and data theft detection, empowers threat hunting, and optimizes incident response with context, speed and accuracy. Fidelis is trusted by Global 1000s and Governments as their last line of defense.

The Fidelis Elevate® platform captures rich metadata from across the threat landscape and combines that content to enable real-time and retrospective analysis, giving security teams the platform to effectively hunt for threats in their environment.

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