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Cyber Espionage in Advance of U.S.-China Summit? Fidelis Threat Team Investigates

Fidelis Cybersecurity published its findings that Chinese threat actors associated with or sponsored by the Chinese Government targeted a prominent U.S. trade policy group in advance of President Trump’s first meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, which is occurring today and tomorrow at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

Fidelis has dubbed the discovery ‘Operation TradeSecret’. Fidelis’ research has also found that a similar threat campaign was conducted involving a site masquerading as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Fidelis Cybersecurity Vice President of Threat Research Hardik Modi says, “The findings of potential cyber espionage occurring in trade discussions between the U.S. and China is certainly significant.  The motive is most likely to be intelligence collection and although its impossible to determine specifically how this information will be used, it could empower the Chinese Government to steer negotiations in its favor.”

“The information accessed by the threat actors, coupled with targeted phishing campaigns, could be used to prepare the Chinese President for today’s discussions,” Modi continued. “This is exactly why those in sensitive positions, including individuals from the private sector, need to stay vigilant and preferably employ best-of-breed threat protection.”

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