GPSEC Security Forum

Tysons Corner, VA

May 4, 2023 ET

GPSEC Security Forum

Greetings! Fidelis Cybersecurity is heading to Tysons Corner, Virginia on May 4th to participate in the GuidePoint Security Forum (GPSEC). Our mission is to help you stay on target in your defense of digital assets. With powerful network detection and response, integrated deception technology, and active threat detection, Fidelis Elevate is an open and active XDR platform that provides proactive defense and cyber resiliency that that stands up to attacks.

During the event, we will talk about our industry leading, active XDR with integrated deception technology. We’ll show you:

  1. The latest cybersecurity challenges and how to face them head-on
  2. Cybersecurity best practices you can put in place right now
  3. How the Fidelis Elevate platform shrinks detection and response from weeks and months to mere minutes.

We’re excited to help you reimagine your security stack so you can stay ahead of the constantly evolving threat landscape. With our expertise and innovative tools, we’re ready to help you protect your assets and avoid becoming a cyber villain’s next target.

So, join the rebellion against cyber adversaries on May the 4th, and let’s work together to ensure that the force is always with you in your fight against cyber threats.

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