Multi-layered Defense: Enhancing Security with Fidelis Active Directory Intercept™

Introduction Active Directory (AD) serves as the cornerstone of identity and entitlements management in over 90% of organizations, making it a critical component of their operational infrastructure. However, its central role and extensive functionality also makes AD an attractive target for adversaries looking to exploit vulnerabilities, leading to unauthorized access, privilege escalation, and malicious activities […]

Fidelis Security Unleashes the Power of Fidelis CloudPassage Halo Across Europe, Fueling Unprecedented Cloud Security Coverage

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Introduction BETHESDA, June 5, 2023 – Fidelis Cybersecurity, a global leader in advanced cybersecurity solutions, proudly announces the expanded availability of Fidelis CloudPassage Halo in Europe. This groundbreaking move ushers in a new era of cybersecurity excellence, empowering organizations across the continent to fortify their digital defenses like never before. Fidelis Halo, renowned for its leading-edge […]