Fidelis Deception Technology

Preparing & Tooling ARMY for the Next-Gen Cyber Battlefield

The art of deceiving enemies on the battlefield dates back to early history and continues to be firmly embedded in military doctrine.

To defeat increasingly sophisticated and increasingly aggressive nation-state sponsored actors, cyber criminals, and hacktivists, Fidelis Cybersecurity has applied the “art of deception” for the next-gen cyber battlefield (cyber space).

Deception technology has already been used in various forms for millennia in the battle field – next generation Deception takes it straight to the Cyber Battlefield and enables warfighters the ability to take the advantage back from adversaries.

Capabilities of Deception Technology

  • Enables you to deceive cyber criminals and lure them into a trap and non-winning environment
  • Keeps cybercriminals and other rogue actors off-balance and ineffective at all levels of cyber warfare
  • Improves your ability to detect and track their tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • Ability to continuously change and re-address the battle lines from garrison to the tip of the spear
  • Confuses and delays attackers by providing them with constantly changing Deception decoys

Benefits of Deception Technology

Deployment of Deception technology across the DoD and Intel communities enable our Nation’s cyber warriors to identify and block sophisticated adversaries before they can damage critical infrastructure and exfiltrate sensitive data.

  • A critical component to enhancing your cybersecurity arsenal
  • Allows you to shift from a reactive posture to a proactive one in order to outperform your enemy and stop cyber enemies before significant damage is done to your mission operation
  • Addresses key security concerns – especially as computer and network security controls and strategies increasingly become the foundation of new military warfighting strategies

Fidelis' Differentiators

In-Depth Environment

Risk Simulation

Usage of Subnets and Assets

Hunting Platform

Best Deception Protection

Holistic Solution

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